KBH Wildlife, A perfect view from the Apartment

Some very placid Purple Faced Leaf-Monkeys will sometimes hang out in the opposite trees. Other than what their name suggests, they eat flowers, fruit – they love bananas. Sometimes you might get to see a mini raid on the neighbors trees, so with than in mind it is inadvisable to leave a big bunch of bananas on your table.


Uncle Monkey sometimes hangs out and watches over you, amazing to watch him wake up, he is however the most likely one to steal your bananas. Their culture is of a harem with a one male to seven females and some juniors allowed and they move around the neighborhood’s trees as a family unit.


You often see Kingfishers in the day, Green Parrots make evening sunset fly by, perfect from the upper terrace October to January fire flies light up the sky and there are always hilarious mini hermit crabs on the beach than will frantically scramble away from your touch light. There are also timid gecko types and porcupines.

KBH-Chamelion-tyoe Sri Lanka KBH-Chamelion Sri Lanka

KBH Birdwatching

Black Winged Kite, King Fisher, White Egret, Green Parrots, Swifts, Black Birds, Birds of Paradise…and many more for any resident secret twitcher (a birdwatcher whose main aim is to collect sightings of rare birds), Or you can just enjoy the sunsets. 

Far away is the best place for these noisy birds, unlucky for the hotel residents across the jungle gardens.